That special something: how the right care home furniture can add a personal touch

A personal connection is key to a successful care home, and creating the optimum setting is a key step to achieving it

Personalised Memory Box by YTM Furniture


Offering the highest quality care to residents is the top priority of any care home provider. More than any other place of residence, we understand that every factor of a care home requires extremely careful consideration and close scrutiny.

As an ageing population, the UK is home to a growing number of elderly people requiring the level of medical and social support that a care home provides. This continues to put pressure on care homes to offer a holistic service to every resident, despite having a rising number of residents to care for.

With issues such as loneliness and dementia care to consider, this can become a real challenge. We’re going to explore how effective design – and a few carefully considered personal touches – can make all the difference when it comes to offering the highest quality care home setting.

Loneliness and socialising in a care home setting

Restful Homes Group – Austen Court, furnished by YTM Furniture


Loneliness is one of the most prevalent ongoing issues in the care home industry, with figures from Age UK revealing that more than one million elderly people regularly go a whole month without speaking to anyone. The effect of this on older adults can be monumental, increasing their susceptibility to serious conditions like depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s.

Tackling isolation is a complex issue in the care industry, but one factor that can help is the right communal dining space – one that encourages residents to spend time with others. At YTM Furniture, we offer a turnkey service to give you a say in every stage of a design project. This enables you to create the perfect dining area for you and your residents.

Designing for dementia

YTM Furniture’s Dementia furniture range


By 2025, there are expected to be more than one million people in the UK living with dementia. This means more people requiring specialist dementia care in a care home setting.

One of the ways we can help you optimise for dementia care is with the right furniture. Our specially-designed Dementia Range of furniture has been created in conjunction with research into the condition from the University of Stirling, and is designed to make daily activities as easy and comfortable as possible for those living with dementia.

What’s more, our Reminiscence Range of furniture allows residents to surround themselves with retro-inspired décor that feels like home to them. This means a space takes on the look of a bygone era; one which evokes a sense of familiarity for residents, encouraging them to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Going the extra mile with YTM Furniture

Personalised Memory Box by YTM Furniture


At YTM Furniture, not only do we acknowledge the importance of the highest quality care home for resident wellbeing, we also understand that the smallest details can make a very real difference. That’s why we strive to go the extra mile when it comes to care home design, offering both the high quality furniture and décor our clients expect, and personal touches to provide something special for those living with dementia.

One of our favourite examples of this can be found in our memory boxes. These simple Perspex-fronted boxes are specially curated for each resident to reflect their interests and personality, adding a truly individual aspect to their room. These boxes also possess a practical advantage, as confusion is a common symptom of dementia and having a personalised memory box helps residents identify their room with ease. Small touches like these ensure your residents feel cared for on a personal level.

Let YTM help you make the most of your care home, with the highest quality furniture design and personal touches to make your establishment feel like a home away from home for residents. Every piece in our collection can be tailored to suit your needs with extensive bespoke options, so we know we can turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today on 01977 66 50 50 or leave us an online enquiry here. You can also visit us in-house at our West Yorkshire Head Office, where you’ll find our extensive Design Studio and Showroom.

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