Reminding residents to relax using furniture from the new Care Collection

A soothing environment is essential to any care home, so we’re exploring ways to create one that’s also stylish

Studies show that almost two thirds of UK adults (61%) consider moving home to be the most stressful event. But for older adults, it’s the move into a care home which can present itself as a source of anxiety.

Relaxation is vital for older adults, especially more vulnerable individuals living in a care home environment. Every aspect of a care home should invite residents to unwind and feel at ease, including the quality of the furnishings. That’s where the new Care Collection comes in.

YTM’s Care Collection, launched earlier this year, successfully blends the functionality of care home furniture with the luxury of hotel design, creating attractive and welcoming environments which allow residents to feel truly at home. Let’s take a closer look at how a relaxing care home setting can be achieved.

Seating suitable for a sanctuary


Comfortable seating is key to any relaxing setting. The Grace chair collection offers the perfect mix of security and style with plush upholstery, curved arms and a detail stitched back.

The patterns and colours you introduce through seating are just as important as the seating itself when it comes to creating a haven of relaxation. Our Heritage upholstery offers a calm yet interesting vibe.

Traditional styles can be used to evoke feelings of comforting familiarity, as evident here with our Charles wing chair — part of our Classic furniture family. The combination of rolled arms and Chesterfield embossing adds a real sense of luxury to this space.

Calming communal areas

Combining light tones and fresh pops of colour can create a relaxing communal area, which we can see here in this plush space. Shades like green have been shown to be particularly good for boosting energy levels, improving focus and reducing stress levels.

In this soothing setting, we can see how monochrome tones and sumptuous furnishings can be combined to create an inviting seating area for unwinding.

Basking in beautiful bedrooms

Nowhere is relaxation more important than in the bedroom, especially in a care home environment. In this bedroom, symmetry and neutral tones come together with a calming effect.

This simple yet stylish Holloway chest of drawers has been combined with light tones and nautical elements to create a look that’s subtle while still being interesting.


Again, these pieces from the Livingstone bedroom furniture family prove that simplicity can be a powerful tool when creating a relaxing atmosphere. The combination of dark woods and metallic elements also adds a touch of glamour.

Serene statement pieces that stand out


Even when creating a relaxing environment, you can still afford to make a statement. This bookshelf acts as a centrepiece in this chilled blue space, bringing focus to the room.

In this Bupa care home, a fitted unit acts as a statement piece, using features such as a fireplace and log storage to create a homely vibe.

Designing dementia

Relaxation is important for all care residents, but especially those living with dementia. Our Care Collection includes reminiscence furniture specifically designed to meet the needs of dementia residents, helping them stay calm and at ease.


Confusion is a common symptom of dementia, and so the right design is crucial. Reminiscence furniture allows residents to relax in an environment that reminds them of a period in time they remember fondly.

YTM’s new Care Collection brings care home functionality and hotel-standard luxury together. To discover more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave an online enquiry by clicking here.

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