How to bring your care home into the 21st Century with YTM’s Care Collection

Like luxury hotels and contemporary houses, care home environments deserve a sleek, modern design for residents to enjoy. That’s exactly what the new YTM Care Collection offers.

At YTM, we firmly believe that care home design should display as much luxury and aesthetic prowess as the finest hotels, without sacrificing functionality. If you are considering redesigning your care home, we’re here to get you inspired with expert advice. Here is how to create an attractive, modern care home environment using the new YTM Care Collection.


Modern seating should be stylish as well as comfortable. With its elegant curved back that leads into sweeping wings, this Mia chair is a statement piece that acts as the perfect addition to a luxury modern environment.


Even the simplest additions can bring a feeling of modern sleekness to a space, as present here with this contemporary Athena table. The clean lines of the table’s support fit a brief that’s both current and striking.


This Windsor sofa offers all the glamour of a traditional Chesterfield with a sleek contemporary twist. The rich blue fabric paired with the level design of the back and arms ensures a look that’s both current and timeless.

YTM Care Collection

Modern designs can also be used to make a bold statement. This Prism sideboard uses a metallic sheen and 3D panelling to create storage with style; sure to draw the eye even in busy communal environments.


Mixing textures and monochrome palettes is another way to master modern design. Our new Flynn family encapsulates this, providing the ultimate in modern comfort with fixed deep seats and bold feature fabrics.

The Lawrence sofa uses dramatic legs and a deep blue fabric to create a modern twist on a classic shape. The elegant curved arms create an intriguing juxtaposition with the diamond stitched back, which adds interest and drama to any space.


Storage may seem like a purely practical consideration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce storage space using great modern designs. The Oslo family is the right style choice for those looking to avoid clutter with a contemporary finish. Storage is important in the bedroom too, and the Livingstone family of wardrobes and drawers offer an understated design with subtle modern flair. Chrome square handles add a further contemporary twist to complement a range of wood finishes.



A modern geometric wall design acts as the perfect backdrop for these bright occasional chairs. A bold use of colour, pattern and upholstery adds comfort and excitement to any hallway or communal area.



Modern dining spaces will help your care home stand out from the crowd, and we have a range of finishes, designs and shapes to choose from in the new Care Collection. You can even mix modern table tops with traditional chairs for a cosy eclectic look.

Whatever style you want to create in your care home, YTM can provide high quality contract furniture to turn your vision into a reality. Get in touch today to discuss your furniture requirements by calling 01977 66 50 50. Or you can leave an enquiry with us online by clicking here.

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