GET INSPIRED: Creating the perfect dining room using The Collection from YTM

Decadent dining décor provides the very best experience for users of your establishment, and The Collection can help you achieve this

The dining room is perhaps the most sociable space in any residence. While many a living room has become a TV room for people to relax and zone out the world in favour of a screen, the dining room should always remain a place to catch up and converse over good food.

Meal times – particularly in the evening – represent a chance to catch up on the day’s events, find entertainment and enjoyment in the presence of others. And creating the right environment for socialising can play an integral role in making this ideal a reality.

In order to create the perfect dining space, you’ll need the perfect furniture. The Collection from YTM is filled with the very highest quality of luxury furniture solutions.

We’re going to take a look at how the brand new furniture families available in The Collection can help you encourage diners to enjoy comfortable, welcoming and stylish surroundings when they sit down to eat.

Malea: eating and entertaining in style

The Malea dining collection provides a cool yet refined design, allowing people to enjoy an environment that feels both casual yet luxurious. In a simple, modern setting, this dining set can really shine.

A closer look at the Malea sideboard shows how storage can be stylish as well as functional. The handle-less design and curved corners give out a sleek, modern vibe, which allows it to blend in and stand out in equal measure.

Garbeaux: the definition of gentle grandeur

Comfort is just as important as style when it comes to dining seating, and the Garbeaux family brings both of these factors together perfectly. Scandinavian structures and comforting fabrics make for the ultimate cosy, minimalist ambience. The Garbeaux also comes with a ruffled option, allowing you to create a chic vintage look with pleated velvet. This makes the Garbeaux a versatile piece which suits both contemporary and traditional settings.

Jaoa: for dining that’s full of rich flavour

Don’t be afraid to make bolder choices when it comes to furnishing your dining area, including eye catching materials and colours. The Jaoa family combines bold hues with glistening black surfaces to create a dynamic contemporary feel. The seating’s use of tan leather and an elegant framework offers a fresh take on the traditional dining table, while the lacquered finish on the dining table helps create an accessible luxurious space.

Piku: bistro charm with a sleek twist

The right surface can completely transform the way a dining room looks and feels, and often smaller, more reflective surfaces allow the area to feel as bright as spacious as possible. The Piku family of tables offers all the charm of bistro dining while maintaining a sense of luxury. This is thanks to the family’s unique outlines and rounded perimeters, made using a precious combination of marble, lacquer and various wood types.

Shea: storage to be proud of

Storage is another key aspect of dining furniture which often gets forgotten. The Shea sideboard allows you to display ornaments, books, accessories and delicate glassware proudly, adding to the room’s overall style. The subtle geometric finish and dark hues of the Shea provide a modern take on 70s chic. Like all the furniture in The Collection, the Shea can also be tailored using bespoke services.

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