Design that cares: bringing comfort and style together with the Care Collection

Here’s your comprehensive guide to bringing luxury and style into your care home without sacrificing functionality

There are currently upwards of 421,100 older adults in the UK living in residential care, and more than a quarter of these residents (27%) have lived in a care home for three years or more. This shows that not only are care homes becoming a place where growing numbers of older adults live, but they are also acting as home to residents for increasing periods of time.

So it’s more important than ever before that a care home feels like just that: a home. One of the clearest ways to do this is with great care home interiors, featuring high quality furniture. With 37 years of experience in contract furniture manufacture, here at YTM we have seen first hand the positive effect that attractive furniture can have on care residents.

These many years of experience have all culminated in the creation of our new Care Collection, featuring a wide selection of luxury furniture families. The aim of the new collection is to bring hotel-standard decadence to the care home setting, without sacrificing the needs of patients that the interiors must meet.

By exploring key design elements and using pieces from the collection, we’re going to show you how to bring comfort and style together in your care home. Let’s take a look.

Capturing colour


Colour is one of the most important tools at your disposal when using furniture to inspire your care design. The rich blue of this Windsor sofa adds a touch of elegance, while the levelled arms and back give it a modern twist.

These two settings, featuring furniture from our Bijoux family, show how light tones can be used to create a welcoming, fun environment. The combination of blue and yellow makes the most of the light.

Sometimes you only need a touch of colour to elevate an otherwise neutral space. In this bedroom, featuring furniture from our Helidor family, yellow soft furnishings and colourful wall art are used to add interest.


Alternatively, don’t be afraid to go bold with your colour choices. These Diverse armchairs are used to create a distinctive seating area, with different textures, tones and patterns on display. A geometric wall pattern completes the space.

Working with wood

Different wood tones and finishes can be used to create your desired effect, whether modern or traditional. Here, a rotary dial phone and typewriter are used as accessories to highlight the historic quality to this console table.


Wood furniture can be transformed by the smallest details, as is evident here with this piece from the Province furniture family. This decorative detail gives the subtlest hint of glamour.


Bedroom furniture should be stylish as well as functional. This is what is offered by the Livingstone family, which features drawers and wardrobes with plenty of storage space. A dark wood finish and metallic detailing gives the pieces a modern feel.

Understanding upholstery


Upholstery offers you a fantastic opportunity to create dynamic styles while still providing comfortable seating. This Mia chair builds on a neutral colour palette with some bold detailing – ideal for creating a stand-out look in an otherwise quiet and muted room.

This Lawrence two seater mixes modern and traditional elements to create a truly unique piece. Plush cushions and roll back arms provide maximum comfort, but it is the striking blue upholstery which really catches the eye.

Stylish statements

A sideboard is a great way to provide functional storage and really make a statement with your design. This Herring sideboard uses a striking geometric design to ensure it fits in any retro inspired space.

YTM Care Collection

Taking sideboard stylings one step further is the Prism. This piece uses an eye-catching metallic sheen alongside 3D panelling, so it’s sure to elevate any communal dining area.

Room dividers can be used both to make a statement and to bring a sense of order to an open plan space. This smart storage solution can also be used as a stunning design feature for displaying books, ornaments and accessories.

Creating comfort

Bringing fashion and functionality together is all about introducing practical furniture which also looks great. The Oslo family of furniture provides ample storage options, but also introduces fantastic modern designs. This is a great way to avoid clutter while also creating a contemporary space.

This bedroom uses many different design elements to create a luxurious overall look. From the warm wood tones to the pops of yellow and gold found throughout, there is plenty here to inspire an inviting private dwelling for your care home.

Earth tones can be used to create an instantly relaxing bedroom environment. Here, our Ackworth Plus furniture family features Shaker-style doors to create a very characteristic feel, while our profiling bed ensures maximum mobility and independence for residents.


Heritage upholstery is used here to establish tradition and a sense of homeliness, while the use of purple throughout the space gives it a calming atmosphere to help residents unwind and get comfortable.

Valuing vintage

A single piece of furniture can be used to create an instant sense of vintage glamour. This Charles wingchair from our classic range uses deep blue upholstery and studded details to exude a real feel of grandeur.

Here we can see our Heritage upholstery again, this time in warm tones to create a sense of old fashioned charm. The added presence of warm dark woods and gold detailing allows the space to shine with even more elegance.


Vintage style furniture is both functional and fashionable, especially with items like sideboards which serve as useful storage units. The dark wood and mirrored glass creates a unique retro vibe here, whilst also boosting the natural light coming into the space.

Decadent dining


This dining environment provides plenty of comfortable seating for socialising, using the upholstery and space available in the room divider to promote fresh green elements.


Warm lighting forms the basis of this attractive dining area, which also boasts plush seating to provide maximum comfort. Mixing modern table tops with traditional seating can create a charming and eclectic look. From statement lighting to reflective finishes, there is plenty going on here to inspire you in your own care home dining design. Reflective Glamour

Wall decals act as sources of colour and interest in any space, while dramatic lighting keeps the space feeling bright and inviting no matter what time of day it is.

Designing for dementia


Designing for dementia requires a lot of careful thought in relation to colour, patterns, textures and accessibility. Accommodating the needs of residents and their carers is always our first priority and this line within our collection is a reflection of the hard work done in collaboration with homes.

Practical furniture solutions can be implemented for dementia residents without sacrificing style. For example, our dementia-specific wardrobes feature open panels to allow residents to choose their own clothes from a smaller selection, and our drawers are designed to be easy to open.

The new Care Collection from YTM brings luxury and functionality together in harmony. It is already transforming care homes across the UK — could yours be next? Find out today by getting in touch and let’s start a conversation.

Call the team at YTM today on 01977 66 50 50 or leave an enquiry on our site by clicking here.

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